Setting Goals


Align your lifestyle with your health goals

Good health to me is the balance of eating quality food, seeking out good sleep, getting outside (especially for exercise), and making deep connections within your community. Food for me a source of so many of life's little pleasures. And we can use food to nourish and support a wholesome existence.

I offer bi-monthly coaching sessions over a six-month period to help you tackle your health concerns, and create space to grow and admire your progress. 

If you're curious if we'd make a good partnership, give me a call at 970-319-6536.

Outdoor Yoga Class


Engage with community virtually


Join me in a six-week program dedicated to relieving stress, decreasing inflammation, and increasing joy and wellness in our every day. This program includes a Mediterranean style meal plan, weekly check-ins and workshops with 4-6 participants, and optional yoga classes. All meetings are virtual, with the possibility to meet for a walk or shared farmers market experience in Santa Cruz, CA.

If you are looking to take charge of your health, wellness, and life goals, this is a great way to connect with others and stay motivated!

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