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Birth and Postpartum Support for Mothers and Families



Now more than ever, you deserve care and support to manage the news and anxieties surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. I am offering virtual doula support on a sliding scale (and complimentary as needed). Let me join your team and help navigate through this unusual time. **As we transition into future stages of Shelter in Place I will update the scope of work to meet your needs in a health-conscious way.**

Virtual support services include:

  • prenatal video session to discuss birth plan, hospital preparedness, stress coping tools

  •  text support before, during, and after your birth

  • on-call for phone and/or video support 24/7 during your birth

  • postpartum check-in video session to debrief your birth experience, discuss baby's sleeping and eating patterns, review birthing person's recovery, and reconnect and celebrate.


Bringing a baby in to the world is a sacred, natural activity. Incorporating a doula into your birth plan ensures the birthing person and partner are cared for throughout the birthing experience. My role is to create a comfortable environment and amplify the wishes of the family throughout the birth.

Services include:

  • Two preparatory meetings to fine-tune your birth plan, discuss evidence-based approaches to birth, practice labor positions, and establish a loving team to assist during the fourth trimester.

  • On-call for birth beginning week 37 with phone and email check-ins

  • Labor comfort techniques including massage, counter-pressure, and breathwork/visualization.
    Comfort techniques help labor progress by limiting stress and anxiety.

  • Two postpartum at-home visits to discuss health and wellbeing of family and offer support on infant care, breastfeeding, and other postpartum topics. And to adore the baby, of course!


Integrating a newborn into your life is a big, fun, messy transition. My role is to join in, offer guidance as needed, and take special care that you all are receiving the time you need to settle into new routines while still taking time for yourselves.

I offer daytime (minimum of four hours) and nighttime support (eight to twelve hours). Rates are $25/hour. We can adapt the schedule according to the needs of the baby and the family. I assure you, you will be my only client during your postpartum period.

Services include:

  • Demonstrating basic baby care including diapering, bathing, and dressing in a way that promotes bonding with baby

  • Breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding support

  • Light housework, running errands, picking up groceries, and baby’s laundry

  • Preparing snacks and some family meals

  • Perinatal mental health disorder screening (before birth and during fourth trimester)

  • Supporting birthing person in physical recovery with comfort measures

  • Night support—watching over baby and family so parents can rest


Through a combination of postpartum yoga, light fitness, and nutrition coaching, I can support your physical recovery from pregnancy. As you adjust to life with an infant, we'll set goals related to your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing; and we will create a support structure so you can succeed.

Services include:

  • Six month nutrition coaching plan (first three months are focused on breastfeeding, hormone regulation, and replenishing energy).

  • Bi-monthly private yoga session, focusing on pelvic floor, core, and heart opening positions.

  • Bi-monthly check-in sessions to track goal progress and establish support systems.

  • Two babysitting sessions- one for mother to take time for herself, and a second to share time with a friend or partner.


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